Understanding The CFL

Understanding The CFL

Football is a word used to describe two different sports, and most people will associate the word with either European football, or with American football. For Canadians, however, football is a sport of its own, and while identical in most ways to the game found in United States, Canadian football is is quickly becoming one of the premier sports of the modern age. Anyone who is a fan of Canadian football will also know the Canadian Football League, more commonly known as the CFL, including the events they host and how their team structure works.

Understanding the CFL is the one of the most important parts of getting into betting on Canadian football, as the importance of CFL events means there are endless betting opportunities available. Learning the bets and understanding the CFL and everything it is about can help bettors make the all the right choice as they start out.

History of the CFL

To start understanding the CFL and how it works, the best place to start is with the origins of the league. In the 1860s, rugby football started to be played around Canada, and a few early Canadian football teams began playing under the rugby leagues that were around at the time. As time progressed, the game changed, moving away from its rugby roots and began taking on similar aspects as the American version of the game. Many organisations and leagues were involved in the sport over the next two hundred years, and it became one of the most popular sports in the country, alongside hockey.

12011975-Montreal’s Larry Smith is tackled by Edmonton player at Grey Cup in Calgary. Reader says teams were really battling the weather.

It wouldn’t be until 1958 that the Canadian Football League was founded officially, and was ultimately a merger between the Provincial Rugby Football Union and the Western Inter-provincial Football Union. Once it had been formed, the CFL became the dominant organisation in professional Canadian football and remains so to this day.

Understanding The CFL and How It Works

The CFL’s football season work the same every year, and use a structure that has been formed over decades, and learning this structure can be extremely beneficial to understanding the CFL. To start with, there are two main divisions, the East Division and the West Division. From these two divisions, nine teams are chosen from cities around the country, which are the teams that take part in the events that the CFL hosts every year.

Regular seasons are held annually, and this is where the nine teams are chosen from. Once the main season ends, the playoffs start, in which six teams will play against each other over a period of three weeks. Once the playoffs have been completed and the competing teams have been ranked, the Grey Cup is held, which is Canada’s largest football championship. Whichever team wins the Grey Cup is crowned the king of Canadian football for that year, and players earn all the rewards and advantages of being part of the winning team.

Understanding The CFL and Betting

An important aspect of betting on Canadian football requires understanding the CFL, how it functions, and what bets are available during events. This is generally easy to find and learn, and most bookmakers offer bettors complete and detailed sportsbooks that can help with understanding the CFL. With the right research, bettors will find that CFL betting can be a rewarding and exciting experience.